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New Year, New Will

New Year, New Will

The New Year makes us all think about doing the things we have been putting off, whether that is going on a diet, looking for a new job, or making or changing a Will. At Solomons Solicitors, our team can help you write or review your Will.

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The importance of a new Will

There are many reasons why the New Year may mean that you need a new Will. If you do not already have a Will, then you should no longer put off the decision to write a Will as it is important to have one ready no matter your age or relationship status.

Will solicitors advise that a Will is particularly important if you:

  1. Have children or stepchildren – whether or not they are dependent on you.
  2. Are married or you are in an unmarried relationship, especially if assests are shared or you would wish for them to pass to your partner if the worst was to happen. 
  3. Are in a relationship that is changing. For example, you are getting married or you are separating or getting divorced.
  4. Own significant assets such as a property or a share in a family business.
  5. Have a large estate with potential inheritance tax demands that could be reduced through estate planning.
  6. Have complex family dynamics. For example, you and your partner both have children from previous relationships, you have been married more than once or have elderly parents who need your support or you are caring for a disabled child.

A new Will

Things change in your personal and financial life and that is why your Will should be checked to make sure it remains fit for purpose. If your Will no longer meets your circumstances, then you are storing up potential problems for your loved ones, as there is an increased risk your Will might be challenged by a family member making a claim against your estate because your Will did not make reasonable financial provision for them.

Writing a new Will

People can put off writing a new Will as they do not want to think about their demise or because they assume the process of changing their Will is bound to be complicated. Specialist Will solicitors understand the intensely personal and sometimes complex financial planning that goes into making a new Will. Private client lawyers make the job of helping you with your new Will as simple and as stress-free as possible.

What you may see as big problems, such as the complexities of your investments and property ownership or family fallouts in a blended family, our Will solicitors view as challenges to be resolved with a specialist Will that meets your needs. For example, creating a discretionary trust in your Will and a separate private letter of wishes may enable you to create a flexible and discreet one that minimises the risk of a claim being made against your estate by a disgruntled relative.

Talking to a Will solicitor about a new Will is the first step to peace of mind for you, your family, and your loved ones.

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