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Estate planning allows you to prepare documentation in relation to your assets and how your estate will be divided on your death. Having a carefully considered plan can ensure your assets – such as your property, jewellery or money – are dealt with according to your wishes, as well as provide much-needed comfort to your family at a difficult and emotional time.

Solomons Solicitors are a well-established law firm with years of experience in helping with estate planning. As an active member of Solicitors for the Elderly, our friendly lawyers can utilise their legal expertise to ensure your documentation is valid and will not be questioned in the future. 
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Solomons Solicitors – Expert Wills Lawyers

Writing a will is a key part of planning for your future. Put simply, a will provides clear instructions on how you wish your assets to be distributed among your loved ones after you have passed away. 
If you are considering writing your will, it is essential that it meets specific criteria. Otherwise, it will not be valid or enforceable. Our Wills and Estate Planning solicitors will ensure that the legalities of your will are met, minimising any risk of its contents being challenged after your death. You should also contact your lawyer when you think any change in circumstances could affect your existing will, for example when you have a child or grandchild, buy a new property, marry or divorce. Changes to your will can be made by adding new documents to it, called codicils, saving the effort of having to create an entirely new will.

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I don’t have a will – what happens to my estate on my death?

Dying without a will (known as dying intestate), can cause innumerable problems and create unnecessary stress for family members already grieving your loss. There are a set of legal rules, known as the intestacy rules, that decide how your assets will be distributed on your death. They are standard and do not take into account your particular family situation or your wishes. By having a clear, unambiguous will in place, you will protect your loved ones from the pressure and anxiety of managing your affairs and having to guess what you wanted.

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Estate Planning Services in England, UK

While estate planning is typically associated with writing a will, there are other areas which can help protect your future and that of your family. Whether you are looking to safeguard your assets, or want to minimise the inheritance tax liable on your estate, Solomons Solicitors can ensure that your loved ones receive the full benefit of your estate. Our estate planning lawyers can support you with setting up and administering trusts or creating a Lasting Power of Attorney
We are also available for those currently dealing with the estate of a loved one, and offer a highly professional probate service. 


  • Why should I make a will?

    Having a valid and up to date Will ensures your loved ones know what your wishes are and how you wish your estate to be administered after you pass. Without a valid Will in place, the vague and sometimes unfair intestacy rules will be automatically used, meaning your estate may not be distributed to those who you wish.

  • I don't have a will; what will happen to my estate when I die?

    Without a valid Will in place, the vague and sometimes unfair intestacy rules will automatically apply, meaning your estate may not be distributed as you would have liked. For more information on the rules of intestacy and how you can ensure that your wishes are carried out

  • Can I avoid Inheritance Tax when I die?

    Ultimately, no one can make any promises in this regard as they cannot know what the future may hold (by the time you pass away, you might have more money than anticipated, or tax allowances generally may have changed). However, with professional advice about lifetime arrangements, it may be possible to significantly reduce the size of the IHT bill to be paid from your estate.

  • How can I prevent future disputes over my property?

    The short answer is that preparation is key! Most disputes regarding property ownership happen between unmarried couples or co-owners in a more general context.

  • What happens to my digital world when I die?

    We live in a reality where an increasing number of us will leave a legacy which is not tangible; rather it exists in the form of data – as digital currency, an online business, a website, social media account, computer software, or any other manner of digital property. Each of these should be included within your Will, with a nominated executor, who can carry out your digital wishes once you die.

  • We're together but not married; will this have any tax consequences when we die?

    The short answer is yes. This is because tax law generally favours married couples.

  • What is a Family Trust?

    A family trust, whether it is included as part of a Will or made separately as a lifetime arrangement, can be a very useful way of protecting your wealth for future generations. 

  • Do I need a Trust in my will?

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